July 10, 2018

About Us

Waypoint Digital Networks (WPDN)


Who is WPDN?

Waypoint was started with the idea that IT should be better. Technology is meant to be the glue for your organization, it holds together all of the critical processes and functions that your business was built on. Why should an IT company hold your company hostage with bad support and non responsive technology upgrade plans and practices? It shouldn’t!

With our extensive healthcare background, we have adopted security practices and policies that are essential for keeping your business safe and secure. Information Security is a critical component of our service offerings. Your data is your business and our mission is to protect it from theft and downtime.

Waypoint is a full service technology MSP (Managed Service Provider) with over 20 years of experience in the technology, healthcare and nonprofit industries. We have painstakingly built a set of best practices for SMB organizations that provide security, productivity and connectivity. Future proof your business with WPDN.




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